Who Are We?

The Digital Arts Studio Partnership was developed to create a new paradigm for youth, teachers, professionals, business and policy makers in the field of “Digital Media Arts”* by establishing:

Lifelong Learners

New Models – new structures, public private partnerships to advance 21st Century school modernization and work force
Linked Learning” – establishing parity and integrating career technology education and academic education pathways
Model Course of Study – State-of-the-art, cross academic, digital media arts curriculum and teacher training
Image Engagement – bold audio visual producers and empowerment, not drop outs
Youth Media Showcases – mass public visibility, education creativity through project focus, and powerful career guild futures

Engaged Citizens

Civic Engagement Projects – School to non-profit sector youth in-service to expand social capital and democracy
Social Media Networking – Build collaborations, innovation, mutual respect and inspiration through the evolving growth of internet tools and capabilities

Skilled Workers

Encourage  Digital Media Industry Clusters – from bio medical to law, architecture to entertainment, food to fashion, tourism to technology
Strategic New Investment – a California grown, global competitive workforce
Innovate Workforce Study, Research and Data Sharing  – identify, track and anticipate all digital media arts and technology skilled workforce and worker needs and roles across the CA economy


What Do We Do?

Partner with and coordinate with public and private media high schools and classes, community colleges, digital arts teachers and business leaders in model geographic regions statewide
Frame system wide vision for the communications technology revolutionary changes in society and all human relations
Advocate and address the astounding new realities and demands for global transformation in how digital and communication arts are incorporated in the world economy and culture
Advance live world wide webcasts of CA based youth movie festivals and multimedia digital learning developments
Work with Local and State Legislative policy makers to promote awareness, policies and laws to prioritize and resource digital media arts and technology system growth and access (Digital Arts Studio Partnership and Workforce Development Act (2002, 2007, 2008)
Partner with the Office of the Governor (2009) to produce first ever statewide “Digital Arts Resource Inventory”


*See our Business Plan for a full description of our work