California Digital Arts Studio Project, its enacting legislation, and its regional projects leads a statewide initiative to massively root young adults to their communities through digital media and communication arts creative mastery and production.  In this instance, digital media is “the creation and transmittal of digital imagery (audio- sound, speech, music; visual imaging-video, film, animation, graphic arts and electronic game technology), products (video games, web designs, training films, photos, marketing and advertisement) and ideas (forensic recreations, and biomedical images) using electronic communication devices or other Information Communication Technologies (ICT).”  CALDASP insists on the imperative role that digital media now plays in life-long learning, skilled workforce building, and profound civic engagement.

Each CALDASP partner region has developed its own projects and products to promote the teaching and learning of digital media arts. The California Creates document featured on this page has been developed by a team of digital media practitioners and leaders in a “digital media arts studio” setting, as both a road map and guidebook and to catapult the digital media discussion into action.