Digital Arts Partnerership Project Model

The Program and Highlights for the culminating event, DAPP Premier Showcase and System Challenges at the Crocker Art Museum, May 2011, is posted below. It serves as a synthesis of the DAPP findings and results report. This report was submitted to our funders, AT&T Foundation, Sierra Health Foundation, and Kelly Foundation, in fulfillment of the requirements for grant funding for the Digital Arts Partnership Project (DAPP) begun in 2009 and completed in 2011. The Digital Arts Studio Partnership (DASP) and Tower of Youth (TOY) have long stood for student success in school and in the community. Our work is based on evidence that digital media arts and communication technology is the essential education intervention that will engage all students, especially typically disenfranchised and underrepresented student groups, and strengthen their connections to school, their peers, and their community. Our organization, staff and partners approached this pilot as a serious opportunity to have a positive impact on youth academic success and community engagement.