Pathway to School Success

Youth prematurely leaving secondary school is a growing plague that, more than anything, demonstrates the massive alienation derived from the gap between the revolution in the 21st Century means of production embodied in the relentless avalanche of new digital media communication tools and the incapacity of the school system to accommodate this absolute paradigm shift. Our inflexible and anachronistic education system systematically constrains the limitless empowerment inherent in the youth (forces of production) who possess the mobile wireless means to radically change every aspect of their lives. Unable to nimbly and democratically respond, the institutions blame the victims, relying on class, cultural and racial stereotypes, to avoid responsibility for unfettering this incalculable new capacity. Certainly the massive exodus from 12th and 13th Century’s monastic mediaeval pedagogy, in the face of the new renaissance empiricism, must have demonstrated an identical quandary for the established order, taking nearly 300 years to begin to reorganize and accommodate the western education system. Here is our transitional perspective of the complexity of school “drop out” phenomena based on a summation of a range of studies.