Digital Britain Final Report 2009

Digital Britain’s’ 2009 report. Focuses on how more Brits can participate in digital age, broadband acquisition and the role of government in building a digital framework for Britain.

The Arts and the Logic of Machines

Simon Penny examines the ‘theoretical crisis’ that exists at the nexus of computational technologies and artistic endeavour, where the rationalist Cartesian values of the hardware/software binary are antagonistic to the creative aims of the artist. He argues convincingly that such a crisis ‘demands the development of a critical technical practice’.

Digital Media Careers

Background information about jobs and career in digital media arts

Digital Media PBS Special (Video)

Probing and informative look at why digital media education is important in 21st world. PBS video 2011.

The Future of Learning

A MacArthur Foundation document that describes how learning environments are changing (however slowly) to meet the demands of the 21st century and what can be done to speed up educational pace of change.

P21 Common Core ToolKit –A Guide to Align the Common Core State Standards With the Framework for the 21st Century Skills.

Landmark Study of the Partnership of 21st Century Skills, an industry based group in Arizona that highlights new ways of knowing and learning using digital media and project learning. They align these skills to Language arts And Mathematics Core Content.